25 Dec

The good thing about being a blogger, is that other bloggers, whose world you know nada (Espanol for al zippo) about link to your blog–and teach you something.

For example some blogger with a teen persona named Au-Yeung” just linked to Horiwood.Com. Already people are reading a Horiwood.Com post about Lucy Liu written and posted on February 21st 2009, shortly after I first started blogging and Rihanna‘s nasty black eye was THE topic of conversation in Young Hollywood that rocked the world of entertainment.

Au-Yeung’s post is this picture about Hengdian World Studios. Believe it or not, we rave on about Hollywood studios here in L.A but this pic features the film studio that China describes as being the largest in the world that was founded by a farmer turned millionaire Xu W sometimes called “Chinawood.” Now that was one farmer who upgraded his golden crops smartly.

The Standard Hong Kong sheds light on Chinawood’s founding once-poor farmer, noting: “Behind Hengdian’s rise is Xu Wenrong, a fiery 72-year-old multimillionaire who made a fortune manufacturing textiles, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since building his first set there a decade ago for a director-friend making a film about the opium wars, Xu has plowed millions of dollars from his Hengdian Group empire to remake this farming enclave into “Chinawood.”

Xu said he picked Hengdian because it was his hometown.From a single lot, Hengdian World Studios has spread to a 25-square-kilometer area, almost twice the size of Beverly Hills. The local government has given him permission to expand tenfold. Now, Xu speaks with the arrogance of a Hollywood mogul. (<– Hey, cut it out! Hollywood moguls are becoming more gracious!)”Beijing can’t compete with me,” said Xu, who was himself a poor farmer.

He scoffed at Beijing’s chronic water shortage. “And who can afford Shanghai?” he asked.”

Alright, perhaps China does need to click on this PURE WATER post to be humanely royal too then to the good people of Beijing with water flow and power flows in the right and more humane directions. I do love this story about Chinawood. Very cool via Hong Kong.

Apparently, Xu envisions his studio as a one-stop filming center. ”Our slogan is, `You come here with a script and leave with a finished story,”‘ he said. Hengdian Group has already teamed up with Warner Brothers and another local company to create Warner China Films HG, which will produce Chinese- language movies for the big screen and television.” There’s no stopping Warner Bros. expansion worldwide. What a good tie in. That slogan does need rewriting though. It’s like doh! Of course scripts should become finished stories–you’re a film studio! Blimey!

What a nice Christmas gift. New news about other places, locations and people in the world who entertain with the medium of film and cinema all year round like bloggers do too sharing their news and images in Hollywood. Thanks Au-Yeung.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.25.10~


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