13 Nov

“Think you used enough dynamite their buddy?”–Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid scripting

Meet young Benjamin Clark. He’s from Auckland the Supercity in New Zealand and he’s gunning for the title of the Milkybar Kid.

Nestle chocolate’s adventurous child cowboy hero, is a New Zealand legend for rounding up baddies who stop kids from having the whitest creamiest milk chocolate on the planet. A new nationwide search began a while back for this new TVC campaign in Middle Earth. Do you think Ben should be the next white chocolate cowboy of his generation?

Good luck young Benjamin Clark. Dream big – Anything is possible.

Here’s a vintage TV commercial below, I was raised on watching as a kid. Incidentally Auckland The Supercity is a fantastic place to visit with children and also to raise children in. It’s a lot of fun. Yachting cowboys is one thing Auckland is known for in raising good kids.

In Auckland children are given the opportunity to grow up in-the-main to be quite courteous, culturally savvy, intelligent (good schools, colleges and education) and always adventurous in the amazing outdoors of clean and green, New Zealand paradise. Everyday I miss it. New Zealand really is that good.

Check out Benjamin Clarke’s City here:

[Western movie scene- Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid starring Paul Newman & Robert Redford - Being a cowboy is a risky business, when fighting for your creamy white chocolate. Explosive results sometimes happen on the cowboy trail quite by accident. Watch this clip: Dust, smoke, splinters and cash blowing in the wind - oops, an American Western! One of many in Hollywood's much loved filmic archives]

Good Luck Ben! Whether you win the MK hat or not, you’re a Milkybar Kid here in Hollywood today on this blog. Go get it all! The world is your swagger. Here’s looking at you kid. Represent for Auckland! :)

~Image: Irving Swifty Lazar‘s star. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.13.10~


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