10 Oct

All men are created equal–Abraham Lincoln

Stir up the gift that is in you–Paul The Apostle

Second-Generation Families: They are the eyes and the cultural taste palate of the future direction of leadership - 2nd Generation Hollywood entertainers and artists are US.

They are not ‘trendsetters’ rather they were born trends themselves, and their actions followed by their intuitive instincts (they often don’t have time to stop and explainwhy and what they do, as that only slows them down), are like osmosis, in creating culture, that the majority of people enjoy, are comfortable with, and emulate.

They know ‘the rules’ and before you can break rules in the wrong, yett the right places, to create the new, you have to know these rules. Respect them, to disrespect them. Out of chaos comes new creativity and/or fusion. They do. It’s family art – naturally, everyone in the world follows.

Thanks to‘s ‘spider,’ crawling onto this blog, I discovered this new’s article, on my blog. “Thanks”. ;)

Search: Second-generation stars

“The acting apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree. From Jaden Smith to Angelina Jolie, second-generation stars are putting their genes (and connections) to work in Hollywood.

Meet 15 famous actors whose family business is show business.”

In adding to this story, I am reminded of Paul The Apostle’s epistle to Timothy, a young pup in training lacking confidence to lead himself and find his own voice.

Paul’s advice, was: ‘stir up the gift that is in you, given to you spiritually, like a mantle of leadership, by one’s elders – usually, via their spoken words of knowing you; but also, the gifts of one’s ancestors (mother, grandmother in Timothy’s case, were specicially cited, as also residing in Timothy, whether he knew this yet, or not).

This also shows, in Timothy’s case, that true gifts aren’t restricted within gender confines interlineally down the generations, they’re passed on anyway in the art of family. These gifts (both hereditary and learned by osmosis in childhood with family and taught too as training and teaching by gifted mentors–outside of families); Paul posited, that they do reside, as if dormant, in your life, but they become active, if you have the courage to stir them up. They’re like manuka honey, in a cup of green tea.

It is each individual’s responsibility, to stir up these gifts as individuals – and from that basis to encourage, incite, support, be competition to in love – our siblings, cousins, peers, friends, enemies also — to stir up their gifts too – and turn on a show.

That’s show biz families art. eg: like the good aspects of: The Jacksons and all they gave the world and still are as the template of American music sales into the remotest parts of the world, for example. And, their music is still selling, with everyone else (regardless of color) copying their model of entertainment distribution.

Angelina Jolie does Hollywood art, perhaps the best with her actions, within the Hollywood star system. Show biz family art she does each day – for the cameras. And Jaden Smith and his sister Willow Smith are doing the same now too.

The times call for 2nd generation show biz families to lead. Ones with proven strength have to step to the front line, to fight the strength of negativity, battering a generation under it.

If your parents had vision as if they always viewed the world from leadership summits (annoyingly to start with, for most children to have been born into such families, with little privacy) or from societies’ mountain tops of knowledge - then children of such people, were born with the same lofty views, being beside their folks growing up. They knew no better.

This may sound elitest, out of the reach of the ‘normal person’ because as President Abraham Lincoln famously said, ‘all men are created equal’ (is anyone that in these times – most people are amazing, in these times, as economic survivors all across the world), but it isn’t.

With leaders, come great knocks, many people don’t see behind closed doors, but children of leaders do, and they share in these knocks as a part of their growing pains, in ways that other children, don’t have to carry burdens of the soul, as young as they have to. This only makes such children, stronger, eventually.

They also see (or know instinctively by inner unction) different and new views too, to lead their generation. Often scared of the gifts and knowledge they possess, they hide it, so that battles of jealousy from peers, don’t inflict wounds. That’s called wisdom. Often they grow up feeling freaks, until they own the gift and step into the spotlight with it, and go, to heck with wrestling with it, I am going to let the gifts wrestle for me, and maybe others will benefit too.

Hopefully - and it’s a day by day (hour by hour) walk to prove that they are: Second-generation improved too. They’re exciting people, (regardless of age grouping they may be) like national cultural treasures -  such people are gifts to their nation and the world.

I grew up with people like this,.When we met, I knew that I know them without knowing them, I love them and I fight for them – because I trust that the good gifts inside them, passed down like family treasure, not material but with hidden spirit, tested by intergenerational fiery trials; that these gifts are true and will manifest themselves in new, good, or tried and true wats - with a new twist; that will then become gifts for us all. 

Angelina Jolie is a mother, who bends the intense heat she either works up and/or acquires of a Hollywood spotlight, and then when it’s too hot, she bends the spotlight like a laser beam onto the effects and residual outcomes of world dicators war crimes, to feed the hungry and the afflicted, the refugee, the homeless, the grieving, the thirsty, the voiceless and the forgotten.

Who taught her how to do this? Her parents. The greats she grew up listening to, visit her parents. The greats she’s worked with too. But then, she took it further. Or the gifts inside her, did themselves and she listened to them, and followed them where they told her heart they wanted to go and be.

Being a steward of the gifts in you, is both wise and also demonstrates humility. Our gifts are not our own. The sooner we serve them, into the world for others, the easier life gets. Actually, tougher, but I’m tring to make this story inspiring. That’s second-generation leadership done well.

If all men are created equal, then each person has gifts that need to be stirred up inside their spirit, like manuka honey in a humble bowl of piping hot, green tea.

Go for it! And let’s go America.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.9.10~


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