08 Oct

~I aint afraid of no ghosts – part III~

While touring the US and Canada, promoting Crystal Head Vodka, Dan Akroyd says he’s been writing a screenplay for Ghostbusters III.

Smart publicity from Dan.

[Subtext: Bring Crystal to a Head as, in epidemics. Teens and 50+ the most at risk of it in LA. But, "buy my vodka," is Dan's his message]. On ya mate.

Bruce Willis owns 16% of Belvadere Vodka. It’s a norm for movie people to be leveraging profile onto liquor these days. It is a recession (sorry, post-recession now) and drinking is up. Sadly, OOC drug usage is up too in these years. Vigilence needed. As well as the question being asked ‘but are you having fun?’ When something’s not fun, maybe it’s not cool.

So my two things I say these days, if at a bar are: a) ”How you doin? And/ or… b) but are you having fun?’ I put the emphasise on the you, because LA’s whole i.d is fun and it’s so easy to forget that true fun, is about people not ‘fun’ as symbols of ritual of an entertainment drive town.

Any delay, getting a reply, on those two questions is either: a) hand me a flashflight and follow my index finger from the right side to the left, or b) someone needs a hug and a listening ear. I learned that from a friend, who never judged anyone.

Maybe, they could even do with some of Dan’s vodka instead? Akroyd’s going to make a killing on sales with his vodka selling approach. It’s relevant and he’s cheeky, with it. Tho’ AA may not entirely approve. :)

[Source: Vanity Fair website. Image of Ghostbusters cast, Best of Bill Murray].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.7.10~


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