27 Aug

Here in a fast city of Los Angeles, where pace, possession & position is lightning quick, like a rugby football match with the New Zealand All Blacks football team for example, we know that marketing is essential.

As residents of Hollywood, California, we also like to cast our eye across country too, to other cities we can learn from as well here in the USA, and take marketing classes from cities like Mustang, Oklahoma. 

Here’s Jim Miller of Tate Publishing with some book marketing tips for authors featuring Dark Angel hottie Jessica Alba courtesy of Tarantino and Rodriguez producing today for any Mustang, OK petrol heads to enjoy–as photographed in Hollywood this fine eve. This marketing guy from Tate Publishing, is certainly an uplifting change in Hollywood from hearing the Tate name mentioned.

Jim’s insightful words follow. Thanks Jim:

“I’ve been doing some research the last several months finding ways to help authors find and work their niche. I’ve spoken to other marketing reps, authors who are successful, authors who are frustrated, and I’ve read articles and blogs like crazy. As I compile this research into actionable items, I will send it to you in an email like this.

Selling books in today’s environment is challenging. To be successful, you need to stand out from the crowd. If you want to sell books like Sarah Palin, you need to make a name for yourself like Sarah Palin.

Unless you’re in line to be tapped for the next VP nomination, you’ll have to start small. However, thanks to the internet, small no longer means interviews with just the East Sticks Tribune and the Hayseed Times. There are a number of communities emerging to help people with a platform find people with something to say.

The biggest and the best is It used to be a facebook group called Help a Reporter Out. Their daily HARO emails let you know of reporters looking for sources on certain subjects. If you can speak to the subject and help the reporter, you are establishing yourself as an expert in the field. And how does the reporter establish your credibility? By mentioning your book, of course!

Other similar sites include and

All of these are free. They make their money selling advertisements. (My suggestion regarding these? Read them. Supporting people who are helping you is a good idea.)

There is also a similar free site for radio interviews:

If you’re a fiction writer, you might be thinking, “Thanks a lot, Jim, but this doesn’t apply to me.” Think a little further. You wrote your book for a reason, right? To make some sort of point, right? You’re doing with story the same thing that nonfiction authors are doing with facts. And if nothing else, you’re a source for writing stories.

The more you get your name out, the more likely the press is to start coming to you.”

~And there you have it. Jim Miller’s insightful words are Hollywood news today. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.26.10. Very helpful Jim. H.R Country wisdom. :) ~

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