15 Aug

If you immerse yourself in tabloid romances, then you won’t really know who to believe.

For example, on the matter of the romantic hopes of the Commonwealth, when it comes to the alleged royal wedding plans of William Windsor and Kate Middleton, tabloids will have you believing anything they want to, in order to flog their headlines at supermarket checkout aisles.

On one hand, as these two tabloid covers prove—Will and Kate are going splendidly well in the romance department. Then, on the other hand their relationship is strained, even better than Earl Grey tea being poured from grandma’s heirloom bone China tea set through a refining tea strainer. It’s just so British to sip on a good cuppa cha, while reading your news.   

But for their mild distraction value, still get a tabloid anyway for some brain-numbing social research, and laugh-out-loud story lines, but just know your cup of tea is perhaps going to be more real than what you’re reading in a tabloid.

[Images courtesy of Cover Awards. Thanks]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.15.10~

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