02 Aug

Trust girls like Dana Morgan to spill the beans on why James Franco has a ‘superhuman ability to focus.’ Here’s a guest report from Melissa Noble:

“Don’t be fooled by James Franco’s convincing turn as stoner extraordinaire Saul Silver in Pineapple Express, Franco just might (might) trump Lady Gaga, Madonna and even Brangelina (gasp) as the hardest working (under-the-radar) person in show business. No time for bong hits. Seriously.

Not only does he have half a dozen films coming out in the next year (Eat, Pray, LoveHowl,127 HoursYour HighnessWilliam VincentMaladies, and Rise of the Apes), but he’s also enrolled in Yale’s rigorous English PhD. program, has a book of short stories, Palo Alto, slated for a fall release and is a budding filmmaker and performance artist.

Those close to him say the actor/writer/filmmaker/artist has a “superhuman ability to focus.” But his assistant, Dana Morgan, insists he has a lot of help when it comes to time management.

“[James Franco doesn't] do the normal human-being things…I guarantee you he would not eat unless I fed him,” she says. “He’ll do the hand-to-mouth part, but I definitely bring it to his hands. It’s not that he’s helpless. It’s just that he would not take the time to find food. He has the luxury of not having to worry about it.”

Well, lucky for James. Privilege gives people the right to be super concentrated if they wish. We call such people, celebrities. Because actions of others = their strength. They are like the tip of concentrated  laser light. Dynamic. 

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