31 Jul

~”I wish I was a little less crazy, a little less out there… I wish I was a little more solid, a little more grounded”~Billy Ray Cyrus thinks humility and green.

Miley Cyrus‘ papa, Billy Ray Cyrus goes in to bat, for American’s teen Queen -after her bird imagery of  her Can’t Be Tamed album, got covered in an oil slick of CNN TV coverage about endangered birds of the gulf oil crises (for reals).

Billy Ray is pictured here with band members of Brother Clyde patching up the family’s image. Nice job.  Cyrus takes Iraq war lyrics and fuses them with a Florida green issue, overlay, with music video pics of current events.

His Iraq comment via the boot is this: “Lately (a single form the band’s self titled album) is coming out very soon,” Billy Ray reports. “It is a really powerful record about the sign of our times … I just got back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Seeing what is going on in our world, the song ‘Lately’ is going to speak to a lot of people. The music is going to translate.”

Musically, Billy Ray is all about experimenting (with country, grunge, rap and rock fusion) while fostering a group of up and coming, eclectic alternative india musicians with a slow down and feel good again message, for earth/ life sustainability too. Here’s the band’s new song, Lately.

Go fellah! Band members of Brother Clyde are: Jamie Miller (of theSTART and Snot), Dave Henning on base, rapper King Phaze, Dan Knight on gat, and Samantha Maloney (Courtney Love‘s Hole band). Any boy band with a girl drummer has gotta do okay. 

Courage to Slow Down, love people’s lives not war acceleration without defined purpose, and take care of the earth. Wise country wisdom from Billy.

True fact: the first day, Susan K took me to Hollywood Blvd for gelato, Billy Ray walked past the gelato store, several times, doing a shoot on the Walk of Fame. Because of that, this is his plug. We had pistachio gelato. It was delicious fun. California does the best pistachio gelato. :)

Buy Billy Ray’s new single for 99 cents, . I love this pic–for branding purposes, you can never have enough symbols going on in the background. A symbol = audience’s meaning. 

[Image of B.C courtesy of Country Music Love]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.31.2010~


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