04 Dec

The votes have been counted for all searches all year here in Hollywood on Horiwood.Com. The numbers don’t lie, with the Top 100 stars of 2009.  Stewart is a new mega star.

Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart ranks #12 for most searched for “trending topic,” celebrity and entertainer on here in Hollywood.

How can you not admire Stewart’s charm, sullen cinematic beauty and most of all, her ability to shine and radiate romance bringing vampires and wolf lads alike to life in the biggest teen film franchise Hollywood has perhaps ever known.

Cast in an angsty love triangle of box office record breaking proportions, Stewart is the onscreen star maker of both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner this year. She’s quite a woman. Along with Megan Fox she is center stage of drawing major Hollywood box office earnings this year. And in the City of Angels, we all love people like Stewart. We call them Hollywood Queens, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, their current hair color or who they vote for… they just are.

The native Californian has a great singing voice too. All her family work in the film industry here in Hollywood and she’s the first one in the family, to try working in front of the camera.

As Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart goes down in the Hollywood history books this year as a global superstar. The most grounded of the ‘twilight trio’ Stewart always thanks Stephenie Meyer, Summit Entertainment and the fans who made her and her castmates unimaginable superstars this year. I dig her beautiful spirit of humilty lots. She gives honor to whom honor is due, like a true native Californian. Congrats!

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