06 May

Variety is reporting that diva, Christina Arguilera has just signed to a movie called  Burlesque. The movie’s storyline goes like this: Aguilera will play an ambitious small town girl with a big voice who finds love, family and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club.

So, she’s basically playing Lady Gaga’s life’s storyline, but the location has been moved form Gaga’s Manhatten City of NYC to LA… with a twist of Dita Von Tesse thrown in.

Congrats anyway, to Christina Arguilera. She needs something major to happen to her career. Stefani Germanotta’s songwriting and muscial abilities have left Arguilera out in the cold! Good luck honey. The movie is being written by Erin Brokovich’s writer. So it’s got that Burlesque could have a Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman feel to it. Cool! [image source]


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