06 May


Being Bernie Madoff’s puppet secretary was a hard gig for Elanor Squillari. Now that Madoff is behind bars, Squillari is feeling the need to squawk what she know knows to the media. She can do this now that Madoff’s controlling strings are cut from the poor dear’s life.

Among the things Eleanor Squillari is saying to ABC’s Good Morning America and the Today Show are: he was a womanizing, short-tempered, boss but was also generous and kind.

The secretary of 20 years to Madoff is using her 15 minutes to promote her article in Vanity fair that she wrote about her time with Madoff. Suillari  is a vixen though, she sets up newly Cougared Ruth Madoff as being a collaborator in keeping Bernie Madoff’s books.

It looks like someone had a major crush on her fiery boss, or she wants some of Ruth’s money as hush money in this whole affair! Secretaries are priceless aren’t they?  :)



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