12 Feb

Thank goodness for , otherwise we wouldn’t know how Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian really felt about Egypt’s change of management.

Thanks to twitter, now we all do. It’s weird, but yesterday in our Celebrity Wrap Up news section from Hollywood, I wrote the words post Lindsay’s dramas in court- “Lindsay Lohan gets a reprieve. An absurd sure-way to make US kids happy for the weekend. She’s like Egypt!

It was like her court drama over allegedly stolen gold (a piece of borrowed and mistakenly unreturned jewelry), was reflecting back to Egypt’s own situation with a dictator ruler that semi-suited Egypt for three decades with this nation’s mid-East aligned other leaders of the Word, but yet doesn’t any more.

When you look at this kid’s life (Lohan) at the hands of Hollywood, Lindsay is like many of the kids in Egypt. Their futures always unknown – before the revolution. At this time, possibilities to create new futures are where it’s at for Egyptian youth now. Possibilities have allegedly been increased for these kids now. The news tells us, this is exciting. Anyone with a heart can’t help but feel their excitement and not wish them the best paths forward.

I think maybe it’s a vibe Lohan’s feeling for Egyptian kids too, obviously. Either that, or Washington/ or Twitter Corporate is sending her good memo’s to post on twitter. Lol! She’s the most unsuspected politician, yet has huge influence with Egypt kids as a star via Google’s search engine. Egyptian young people love the appearance of Hollywood crazy, her life offers. That means one thing, if you live in L.A – more Egyptian kids are on the way here to California. The climate is well suited to that adjustment for them. Mark my words.

Perhaps Lohan challenges us, to think of Egypt’s plight forward, more than we all are in busy modern lives. If a young Hollywood starlet ‘famous for being a weekly tabloid staple’ or ‘what she wears to court is front page news’ – whose life, many in the world obsess about, can take the time to think of Egypt in the middle of chaos that her own life often is, how much more can all of us, without the distractions think of 79 million Egyptian people too – and be a part of their new chapter of openness in an age of digital transparency.

I wonder what Lindsay and Kim will do exactly to help further Egypt’s freedom. Lindsay sounds so UN in her tweets. Quite a turn around for the weekend. Only in Hollywood, aye?!

[Thanks MK, J of New York].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.12.11~



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