03 Feb

Historians fear that Egyptians national artifacts could be at risk from looters, petrol bombing vandals who are incensed with Egypt’s unrest. These artifacts are examples of ancient civilization and human history attached to it. Go here to read that.

Let’s not forget that Egypt’s people are its gold. Today. In fact, in Egypt we see a case study of ourselves. 79 million people on public display in desert terrain, each one symbolizing how we ourselves value human rights, people, life in us all.

Such concerns dominate Egypt as ‘Hackers attack Egypt’s government archives’ and gun shots are fired at dawn by supporters of Egypt’s President. Egypt is a sweet scramble at the minute.

The good news is in all this – Egyptian women are getting liberated. That part rocks amidst the high drama via Egypt today. Egypt’s history has always valued its female queens. It looks like Egypt is about to do the same again, with letting women lead and have more of a voice in public and political life. That’s so cool.

[Photo - One of King Tutankhamun's gold sarcophagi courtesy of Getty Images].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.2.11~


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