01 Feb

Here’s some artwork in a West Hollywood store depicting Egypt’s love of their Queens. West Hollywood is a city that is conscience of other peoples human rights status in the world. Here’s ten links via one West Hollywood blog about Egypt’s plight as a nation right now that show’s one American neighborhood’s concern for the Egyptian people at this time in their nation’s epic history.

1. Washington Post – US reassures other Arab nations about Egypt’s revolution

2. Egypt’s changing leadership times – NY Times – 1.31.11

3. New Zealand’s Egypt News coverage

4. The Huffington Post’s Background Facts to Egypt revolution

5. Blog Critics ways to help Egyptians communicate outside Egypt’s internet censorship

6. The Wealthy Flee Egypt for safety, leaving 79 million fellow country folk to work through unrest

7. Art – Key of Ramses II with the poetic words of Isaiah

8. Empathy for Egyptians – one photograph

9. The Decemberists & Egypt News

10. 1.26.11 – A revolution in the age of reality TV show news footage

~Posted in The City of Angels by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.31.11~


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