22 Feb

“I really believe I have two hearts… I think I actually carry two souls in my body, and that I’m living out the rest of her life [Stefani's Aunt who died of Lupus at 19] and her goodness — she died a virgin, she died never having experienced all these things that we all get to love and experience in our lives. I think that I work in her image. I work in this life as part pop singer and part humanitarian, and to do great things for people because she was a good person and I don’t think she had enough time to do enough good.”–Stefani Germanotta realizes mortality, in her Aunt’s memory, as a motivator to do good. That part is very sweet.

From a Maori cultural perspective, I am totally down with the fact that spiritual legacies can be taken on by a younger generation and put to use after someone passes on. Spiritual gifts are that. After people die they remain for others to further. So, I’m cool with the ‘weird aspects’ of this press from Gaga, without blinking an eyelid in doubt. Good for her! Maori people do that all the time, they just don’t go on and on about it, it’s just your work to do, like a private project of sorts. I get a bit miffed when I see her making it yet another one of her ‘personas’ fans are supposed to worship. It takes away from the good she does although her intentions are initially very good.

However, the way she hogs the limelight, needs a word. That’s not always spiritual the way Germanotta won’t share, or finds it difficult to share, compared to more secure diva’s in the game. People outside of America, want to see a sharing American celebrity – post the W.Bush years (of the political system of that time) anyway. It is perhaps a more noble look for America in regaining trust in the world by being strong but more sharing in outlook and worldview.

For example, first up – to offer some commentary on this, people with heart’s don’t rip off Madonna‘s music catalogue and present this as ‘new music’ (the Born This Way fiasco that’s fueled way too much commentary in between Mid East uprisings at the same time).

Secondly, if you want to be on Glee and be a karaoke-singer in front of cameras as a part of a TV drama we all like, just do a duet of a Madonna hit with Lea Michele. Don’t say you’re being ‘revolutionary’ with ‘new’ music – when you’re not. Next up, dropping the “twins” word without actually having any, does not put you in the league of Angelina Jolie who actually birthed twins. You can’t cheat like that. Do the work!

Just kidding. In celebrity land, it’s often about cheating the camera angles. Gaga is a marketing machine – a key part of pop music’s domination.

What do you think of Germaotta’s latest marketing ploys? I totally was into her last year. It was a joy to see her perform in concert in 2009. She wowed all at the concert and she was well rewarded for her authentic songwriting back then, making $70 million in a year.

This year, although 20% are Gaga fans on this blog, and you can stone me for suggesting this, I feel she needs to blend in more with the diverse pack of talented singers (her peers), artists, groups, bands, divas, opera singers, amazing folk singers out there –as there’s plenty of new talent coming through for global audiences to enjoy with less amounts of ego. The copious amounts of costume changes, a blogger has lost love to cover this year. She’s already broken through. Eggshell entrances at awards shows aside, she’s not being born this year. That was 2009. I was there watching her in concert. This year’s she’s not a baby needing as much hog love.

Here’s a ten year old, who was born this way to sing and entertain without the ego Lady Gaga seems to expect this year from her fans. In light of peoples issues around the globe, hers just aren’t as “may-jah” this year. We just live in times where in Facebook culture and twitter et al, it’s kinda about the collective all getting a turn to be seen and heard. The culture’s changed this year. These are just my thoughts anyway. From someone whose seen her in concert. Her ballads on keyboards, are Gaga at her best.

Anyway, the worthy 10 year-old (one of many young singers in the world’s) name is Teri Maree Kopa. She’s featured below singing Wilson Pickett‘s classic Motown song. Press play for a treat.

Pic via ONTD

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