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Im driving down the Hollywood 101 Freeway today, listening to Ryan Seacrest’s The AmericanTop 40 Count Down on the radio. I’m feeling pretty chillaxed, until I hear, Ryan Seacrest say: “Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend.” I’m like, what?! I swerve off the Freeway and hyper-ventilate, thinking… “Why isn’t it me?” 

After I get my breath back, (it’s a process, I had to stop at In N Out burger, which always calms me down when I go a sly burger,”animal styles”!), I then journey on home past The Hollywood Bowl, munching on THE BEST FRIES IN THE HOLLYWOOD UNIVERSE (bar France of course!). As usual, the traffic on Franklin and Highland is killer!

Once home, I jump online and discover that Lady Gaga’s new mystery boyfriend that American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest was talking about is a Greek American dude with six pack abs named Johnny!,

Radar tells me in this headlining article (EXCLUSIVE: Lady GaGasBoyfriends Jealous Rage) that while Lady Gaga was shooting her new music video in Bel Air, that she ‘made out’ with male triplets from the Swedish boy band “Snake of Eden” for her music video, Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) which is a tribute to Sweden’s Ace of Base sound.

Apparently Johnny turned up late to the shoot, saw what  Stefani Germanotta was up to and went ballistic at her.

According to sources on the set, Johnny screamed at the triplets: “You guys are a bunch of fags. Are you happy now? Did you get what you want?” 

Then I look at the picture of Johnny. Beneath his smudge eyelined Adam Lambert of American Idol, boy make up… it’s not any Johnny… It’s JOHNNY! Like, neighborhood Johnny-JOHNNY! As in, Johnny Markoudakis. The mod-elle bar dude.

You see… Johnny is my roommate MB’s favorite bar man in West Hollywood. He used to work at hot drink spot “Eleven” is opposite fellow hot spot, East West Bar on the corner of Larabee and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Eleven hosts celebrity private parties too, like when BEYONCE had her B’Day party there and none of us were allowed in, to save our lives, although Destiny’s Child band members, Kelly Rowlands and Michelle Williams swanned on past with their entourage in our hood. It was one of those “this is not fair” moments for us locals. But a good one.

Anyway, Johnny recently quit working at ELEVEN to go back and work at Mickey’s Night Club and Bar. Mickey’s is famous for its Go Go boys. Lady Gaga used to work in a strip club when she was 18, so I see her attraction to and appeal with Johnny.

Thankfully, Johnny is not on a pole, he works the bar at Mickey’s. I don’t know what the fuss is about, as Johnny is flirting with more people every night as a friendly barman, than Lady Gaga could ever possibly imagine, so my roomie MB informs me.

If you want to see Lady Gaga’s man, Johnny, in person, than Mickey’s is right next door to Eleven on Larabee and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

If you tip Johnny $5 he will smile at you when he serves you your next drink. Why Johnny screamed at his girlfriend Lady Gaga on set is a mystery to me. He’s normally placid and not a yealling jealous type of guy.

Maybe Lady Gaga forgot to give Johnny his $5 tip every 30 minutes, which is why he screamed at her. I suggest to Lady Gaga, that she graduates to a man that earns as much money as she does, than she won’t be perceived as being the overbearing, control freak type, like Madonna is with baby model Jesus-Luz who appears to be a child-puppet on the Cougar’s platinum puppeteer strings. Lady Gaga is too young to be perceived as being a cougar. It’s not a good look to prey on chicken. So, perhaps that’s something Gaga should consider.

Johnny is working tonight and every weekend at Mickey’s. If you have nothing better to do, go and see him. He’s a nice guy. Greeks rule the world. You know it! :)


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